Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hourglass ambient lighting powder in 'diffused'

The hourglass ambient lighting powders are without a doubt one of the coolest beauty inventions in a long time! There are 6 shades, each designed to mimic a different lighting effect... when I first heard about them I was so intrigued and excited! I started at them with Gollum eyes, spent hours deliberating over which light effect my skin needed... I snapped and bought one after I got an essay back with a mark lower than I had wanted, and my lecturer had been... a bit of a dick! I ordered mine from SpaceNK - link! There are Diffused, Dim, Ethereal, Luminous, Mood & Radiant light, which are all designed to give a soft-focus look on the skin, set the makeup and give its individual effect. I chose Diffused, because it is meant to reduce redness, give a blurry look to the skin and illuminate at the same time. It's a pale white with some pale yellow, and a teeny bit of shimmer which doesn't really translate to the skin. The shades are meant to be suitable for all skin tones, but some seem too dark/light, in my opinion, to be universal! 

... Ultimately it works! It makes my skin look brighter and helps my makeup to last longer. However, these are not magical powders that will immediately give a brightening effect like blush or something, but it's much more subtle. It's not even something I would pin point on someone else, but it's a certain somethin' somethin' that makes your skin look goooood.  Do you need these? No. Do you want them? ... Yes. These powders are also not designed for oil control, so oilier skin would probably need something else. They are pretty impossible to 'cake' up though, regardless of how heavy handed you are. 



  1. Looks amazing, in the pan and on your skin. It's now on my wish list. x

  2. This is at the top of my wishlist! x


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