Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The MAC Summer Lipstick Lineup

Sometimes, you just can't beat a good MAC lipstick. They're such a classic, and whilst I don't obsess over them like I used to, there are some shades that will always have a place in my beauty stash. Now that we're really having a summer, I've been craving some bright colours and have gone back to my tried and true summer lipstick lineup. 

First up, my all time favourite - Lady Danger. It's just such a shade of beauty and it never fails to cheer me up after just one swipe. The formula is a dream; creamy on application but long-lasting on the lips and with a comfortable matte finish. I just really can't rave about this shade enough, and urge you all to try it! If you like your red to be more on the pink side of the spectrum, then All Fired Up is the summer coral you've been looking for. It's a warm fuchsia with a truly powdery matte finish, and the warm undertones help to perk up the complexion. It's on the drier side, but the shade sticks around and looks particularly good pared with clean skin and minimal makeup. 

Moving away from the reds, Flat out Fabulous never fails to bring a smile to my face and I find it easily one of the most flattering shades I own. It might look a little intimidating, and almost purple-hued, but the shade makes your eyes look brighter, teeth whiter and complexion more radiant. It's a beautiful shade for sure. Lastly, D is for Danger - the shade I always am drawn to at a MAC counter because there's something so sophisticated and delicious about the opulent jewel tones. I love! It's got the same texture as Lady Danger, but the deeper brick shade is the perfect partner in crime for a champagne shadow.

Do you have any MAC lipstick staples?



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