Laurzrah is a blog all about beauty with regular reviews, makeup looks and musings on my latest must-have products. You might find a round-up of absolutely essential eyeshadows or an in-depth post all about the latest foundation that you need to put on your face right now. Laurzrah provides content for beauty obsessives and brings new collections and high end makeup to life. If you love lipstick more than is probably normal, and often find yourself drooling over the latest high-end collections, Laurzrah is the place for you. 

I post every single day at 6.00am (GMT), so make sure to check back for the latest post! 

As I blog about beauty, work in beauty, dream about beauty, spend all my money on beauty and very kindly get given beauty presents every so often, there is a mix of stuff that I have bought and stuff that I haven't bought featured on Laurzrah. I only accept PR samples of things that I would be willing to part with my own money for, and I strive to ensure that all products are reviewed fairly. I use affiliate links because I like it when a reader lets me earn 0.02p if they click and buy through my link. Affiliate links don't cost you, the reader, anything, but I do use them. I don't let links change my opinion and if you don't want to click through using my link, that's fine! I very rarely accept sponsored posts, which allow me in turn to provide more content for Laurzrah. I have never been paid to review a product, and the majority of things that you see here will have been bought with my own cold hard cash. I understand that, as a blog reader, everyone enjoys transparency - I will never ever try to hide any of the above. All that matters to me, at the end of the day, is that I have a space where I am able to share my love for beauty with like-minded amazing people, who trust my opinion. 

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