I hope you're as nosy as I am... This page has a few questions that I get asked, as well as some more information just in case you were curious! Feel free to read my about page for some more information about me. If you have any other burning questions, I'm always a tweet away

Why 'Laurzrah'?
One of my friends in year ten (so long ago now), used to shout out Laurzraaaaaaah when he saw me, and it was just a little inside joke. When I started my blog, I wanted a name that was slightly different and that might stand out a little. 

What camera do you use?
I use a canon 600d and the canon 50mm lens. I use these lights. I edit my photos using picmonkey. 

How old are you?
I am 23.

Do you blog full time?
Nope! I blog at night. I work full time as an account manager in PR. I know a lot of people want to work in PR, so you can always drop me an email and I'll try to help with any career advice! 

Where do you live?
I live in North London with my husband. 

What did you study at University?
I read Ancient History, at Cardiff.

How tall are you? 
Ok, this is not an online question but one I get asked in real life all the time. I'm 6ft! 

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