Monday, 19 August 2013

Bristol Haul

Hauling... Hauling... 
So yesterday was the #bristolbloggermeet, which was organised by the lovely Clare. I got to meet some lovely girls and we all had lunch and then shopped... It was so much fun being with girls who also enjoy shopping as much as me. Walking from one beauty hall to the other was so much fun. I also went to Harvey Nics for the first time, which was awesome. There was a Space NK inside... I died. 

So what did I buy, I hear you ask? In Boots I picked up some eyesilix from Indeed labs, which was £17 I think (a third off)! I'd heard good things and I loveee Hydraluron from the same company so in the basket it went. I also picked up the Una Brenana cleansing oil, which was only £7 for 200ml, which is so good. It smells really nice, like oranges but I am SO ANNOYED at the packaging. It has no pump, or dispenser, or anything... The oil is really liquidy in consistency so it pours out really quickly. Such a massive design flaw. I'm going to have to decant it into something. Hmm. For £5 I picked up another Soap & Glory gloss stick in Ramplumzel, which is a gorgeous plummy colour. I absolutely love the name, I think it's so cute. These smell amazing as well, even sweeter than MAC lipsticks and so vanillary. Yum. I also picked up two Sinful colours polishes in Cinderella (pale blue) and Thimbleberry (coral) which both look nice. Sinful colour polishes are really good and only £1.99! Bargain. From Superdrug I picked up one of the MUA/ One direction cheek tints in Coral cutie. The whole One direction thing makes me cringe, but the colour is so pretty, and the formula is good! For only £3 I can get over my dislike of boy bands. Lastly in Debenhams I picked up one of the new Urban decay lipsticks in Bang, which is a gorgeous orange red. Pretty similar to MAC Lady Danger, which is one of my all time favourites, but the finish is creamier. 

So that's that! Have you tried any of the things I bought?



  1. Such a good haul! I can't wait to hear what you think of eysilix, I've had my eye on it for a while, my dark circles are such a pain :(

    Jade Rebecca x

  2. It was lovely meeting you Laura - you did pretty well on the shopping front too!

    x x x

  3. I picked up a few sinful colours nail varnishes today AND one of the 1D lipsticks - like you I had to get over my dislike for boybands for the love of make up xD

    I'd love to see a review on the UD lipstick, the new range looks sooooo pretty :D

    Juyey xx

  4. Lovely haul and sounds like you and the other bloggers had a great time, everyone needs a beauty shopping buddy!

    The 1D make up collab makes amazing sense from a business point of view - there fans be crazy! haha, I am not sure I could purchase anything from the range though, what if you needed to reapply on the go?!

    Jemma xoxo

  5. Aw you have just reminded me that Sinful Colors exist, I will have to go to Boots to buy moreeee! haha :)


  6. Great buys! especially the blue nail polish and the soap and glory lipstick :) xxx

    Sinead |


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