Friday, 11 October 2013

MAC Retro mattes; an overview

 Relentlessly red, RiRi boy*, Flat out fabulous, Dangerous, Ruby Woo, All fired up, RiRi Woo*

The new Retro matte lipsticks from MAC are all delicious! As they're a new line I thought I'd share my thoughts on them :) I have 7 from the formula - 2 are LE, marked by the *

The MAC Retro mattes are some of the driest lipsticks around, I think. If you want a lip product to stick around for absolutely ages then these are definitely worth checking out. 

Who would like these:

People who want lipstick to last for ages with no touch-ups
People who love bright, bold colours

Who wouldn't like these:

                                                            People who have dry lips

People who love glossy lips
People who love sheer lips
People scared of bright colours

Have you tried these? :) 


  1. I've not previously really been into matte lipsticks but when I saw these were being released I loved the look of most of the shades! I think I'd probably like to try Relentlessly red, Flat out fabulous and All fired up x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  2. I adore retro matte finishes x

  3. Wow you have so many MACs! I need one! :)

    I have a giveaway running if you'd like to enter?


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