Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hitting pan, again

As I spritzed out my last spritz of the this work pillow spray last night, I wondered what else I had finished recently. I last did this post almost exactly a year ago - see it here. I have 'hit pan' on 4 other products recently, which is exciting. I always find that finishing products (or nearly finishing them) shows how much you lurve them. 

Aside from the deep sleep pillow spray, I also recently finished my Emma Hardie cleansing balm and I will be repurchasing soon, when i've worked my way through some cleansers I have lying around. I loved the pillow spray, I use it every night in my little routine. I'm like a toddler, I like to have a bed routine. It's fairly... extensive, shall we say, but the pillow spray dowses my pillow and my blankets. I would repurchase, but I have the Avon one which smells really similar and is cheaper. I'll report back. 

I've hit pan on my two favourite lip balms ever, which makes me sad. I have a back of the Nuxe Reve de miel, which is great for keeping in my bag throughout the day. I know it's a pot - squeal - but it's so nourishing, and the matte finish makes it perfect for wearing under matte lipsticks, which I wear a lot. Get it here :) The By Terry baume de rose is the fanciest lip balm ever, and one that I reserve exclusively for night time applications. It's so creamy and it basically feels really luxurious. It's the most unique formula I've seen in a lip product, it's just so creamy and delicious. Mmm! I have a £5 Space NK card, which may soften the blow of buying another.

Cheek wise, I have hit pan on NARS Luster, which is my favourite blusher for creating a peachy bronzey sculpted blow. I love this so much, I would recommend it to everyone if you want a glow. The colour doesn't look the most exciting when you look at it, but it's really something special on the cheeks. I wear this a lot, and I've still got loads left. MAC Soft and gentle is my favourite highlighter, and after almost daily use for so so long I can see a tiny glint of pan glinting through. Ooh, that sounded a bit rude... Soft and gentle is the nicest highlighter, it makes your skin look glowing and soft-focused. 

Have you 'hit pan' recently? 

p.s. Do you like the background today? Remember my name!



  1. The blush looks gorgeous! Nars always has such gorgeous colours :) I've recently hit pan on a fee of my fave products lately too boooo :( another excuse to go shopping though I suppose!xxx

  2. Errrr, the background is bloody awesome!! And i really enjoyed this post. I verryyyy rarely hit pan on things, my most recent has been the MAC Studio Fix powder which I'm pretty sure I hit pan on literally like a year ago and its still going strong!

  3. I don't see a special background but this is great that you hit pan on so many things! I really really want to try the Nuxe balm, I'll have to grab it eventually :) I hit pan on a cream eyeshadow I don't really like haha just trying desperately to finish up the Revlon quad.

  4. I love when i hit pan on a product because i know that its well loved and its not being wasted - but at the same time i hate it because it means it's close to being used up haha
    Natalie xx


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