Friday, 18 July 2014

Impressed with Impress

Aren't these just the craziest nails you've ever seen? They are mesmerising. 

I was recently given loads of imPRESS nails to try out, and I obviously went for the brightest ones straight away. Forever a magpie. 

I'd tried some fake nails when I was younger... 13 or 14 I think and I remember them being really long and claw-like, but thankfully the imPRESS nails that I have all come in the short length, so you don't have to file them or anything, and they're totally wearable. They're really straight-forward to apply - you peel off the sticker and apply them to your nails. Easy.

Once on I felt like Peter Griffin at first, but still pretty glamorous. They just aren't for me though... they felt a bit icky, and after 3 days I peeled them off and threw them in my bag. I loved how glamorous they looked, but I prefer my nails to be a bit shorter. As soon as I took them off I felt more like me. Maybe I'm just not very glamorous? I will miss the compliments - almost every shop I went into, someone told me they loved my nails. Back to stumpy nails and no compliments :)


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