Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Current non-beauty favourites.

Hi, my name's Laura and sometimes I like things that aren't to do with lipstick. In a bid to sprinkle Laurzrah with a dash of my actual life, I thought I'd share some of the things I've been enjoying lately. Aside from lipstick.

I am very busy journal from Ban Do. Look at it! I have really got into stickers as well. Go onto Etsy and type in 'planner stickers'. I dare you. They're all so adorable, and I definitely need stickers that tell me when to do laundry. Mmm. This journal starts in August & I can't wait! Any fellow stationery addicts out there?

This silk pillowcase, from Gingerlily beauty box silk pillowcase. I've wanted to try a silk pillowcase for the longest time, because people always recommend them for frizzy hair and preventing wrinkles. So I was pretty excited when Gingerlily sent me this to try. It's a struggle to actually use it because Chris keeps stealing it, but it feels so nice and cool and makes me feel like a princess. 

Adventure time fridge magnets! Do I really need to say much else? 

We watched Inside Out and fell in love - it's such a cute film, with excellent animation. The funko pop of Disgust pretty much sums up my life. 

Get the glow, by Madeleine Shaw. I love this book - it has inspired me to eat well again! I've been eating my way through the meals. My personal favourite is the steak and parsnip chips because where have you been all my life?

What have you been loving lately?


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