Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Urban Decay's Matte Revolution.

No, don't roll your eyes! I know, I know... I'm talking about matte lipsticks again. I'm like a broken record. With amazing lipstick. The Urban Decay Matte revolution lipsticks are worth sitting up and paying attention to. 

I tried the regular formula of the Urban Decay lipsticks, and I wasn't blown away. Um, they were nothing special in my opinion and a bit too creamy. The matte ones launched (same name as the Charlotte Tilbury, hmm), and I stored the information away in the lipstick vault that it is my brain. One innocent swatching session in Debenhams while I was killing time led to me picking up After Dark. I tried, I loved. Oh, how I loved. Then I picked up 1993 because that's the year I was born! Also I desperately needed more lipstick, clearly. 

The formula on these is absolutely sensational. Creamy, heavily pigmented and comfortable on the lips. When you first apply it you have around 2 minutes of the lipsticks feeling creamy before it really sets down and then it doesn't budge. It's not drying in the slightest, but it is a heavenly matte. I wore After Dark... after dark, at a party, and it did not budge all night. It's a gorgeous blackcurrant berry colour that makes your eyes look brighter and your whole face look lifted. Mmm. 1993 is one of those definite brown shades that might be a tad trickier to work with, but is definitely en Vogue right now and perfect for Autumn. 

What do you think? Going to join the revolution?


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