Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon harmonie de blush

Can beauty companies just stop with the making of the artwork in the form of makeup?

Ok, don't, but know that I am weak and will buy them all. 

Case in point, the Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon harmonie de blush. A heavenly little blush made of 5 different shades - an orange, a pale pink, a bright pink, a dusky pink and a nude. Oooh, it's just begging to have a brush delicately swirled around in it. With a blush this beautiful, things are going to start to sound a little rude. It's just fiendishly beautiful. It's so beautiful that I didn't even really mind wearing my glasses in the swatch, because you're not looking at my glasses are you? All about the blush! 

The blush is so so soft and very pigmented, but it does blend nicely so you don't end up with blotches of colour. I'm definitely wearing too much in the photo, because I wanted it to show up, and I definitely went to work looking slightly mental all day. The price you pay for blogging, am I right? With the blush, I have been swirling my brush in the whole colour and not focusing on any particular bits. It makes a soft coral shade with soft and flattering shimmer that definitely brightens the entire face. 

Get it now here while you still can :)



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