Saturday, 2 July 2016

Hot Lips #LipstickLoving

How do I get Charlotte Tilbury to do my makeup? She's made up basically every hollywood star and knows her way around a lipstick. While I'm waiting for that, she's given us the new Hot Lips collection, inspired by 12 celebrities she's worked with. It's a pretty cool collaboration - you can wear Kim K's lipstick, if you're that way inclined. I'm not... 

In the line up, we have Miranda May, Bosworth's Beauty, Liv It Up, Electric Poppy, Super Cindy, Carina's Love, Kim K W, Salma's Secret, Tell Laura, Hel's Bells, Kidman's Kiss and Hot Emily. I went for four, because I have no self control. For the first two months (why only two?!), £1 will be given to Women & Women International. £1 seems a bit low, I think. More of a token gesture. 

Liv It Up is inspired by Liv Tyler and who doesn't want to look like an elven princess? It's described as a velvet rosebud, which seems pretty apt to me. It's a light, cool-toned pink (think off-duty ballerina) that I think would look especially cracking with a smokey eye. Secret Salma is inspired by Salma Hayek and is created to be a smouldering rosy nude that flatters the complexion. On me it's like a plummy rose that is the kind of shade that I always gravitate towards. This one is an addition to the dolce vita line as well, which is my favourite from Tilbs. Kidman's Kiss is a pale peachy nude that is brighter than Liv's offering - this shade would be the perfect option for someone pale who doesn't just want a beige nude shade. Maybe most exciting of all given my huge obsession with Helena Bonham Carter is Hell's Bells. This one is an easy-to-wear vampy plum and basically my dream. It reminds me of MAC rebel!



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