Monday, 15 August 2016

Clinique Does Matte.

Oh look, it's me with another matte lipstick.

How predictable. 

I swear I have a matte lipstick radar, because I walked past the counter and was drawn to these. What can I say, I like trying out new lipsticks. These new Clinique ones are the same price as MAC lipsticks, so a good one to develop a gentle addiction to; a nice shade range too (I went for Peony pop and Graffiti pop). 

These Clinique pop matte lip colour and primer are the matte counterparts to the regular pop of colour Clinique offerings - the packaging is slightly rubberised on these, which I prefer. Looks more stylish, y'know? I love how the packaging reflects the colour as well. 

The formula on these is akin to a matte lip that still has its stabilisers. They're not matte enough to dry out your lips and in the same vein won't last all day without touch-up. They are incredibly comfortable though, and I can imagine these being popular with pretty much everyone. Although comfortable and soft to wear, I was pleasantly surprised at how these lipsticks didn't slip around - they didn't end up on my teeth, and they didn't blur around my lips (worn sans liner).  Maybe it's the 'primer' element making the formula nice and smoothing. 

What do you think? 



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