Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Budget Beauty: Barry M Lip Kit

So, the whole matte lip trend is really showing no signs of slowing down. Which is more than fine with me, because I am in love with matte lips! New to the market is a pretty bargainous matte lip kit (modelled not so loosely on Kylie's kits) from Barry M. I went for the shade Pose which is a creamy pinky nude (and a dead ringer for Koko K). 

The formula of the pencil is average, and a little drying. It's definitely not as good as the Kylie lip kit pencils, and does feel a little draggy on the lips. It does the job of lining your lips, though. The formula of the liquid lip itself is far more exciting, and a really good formula for such a low price. It's  a really fluid liquid texture which spreads really nicely over the lips. Very pigmented, and it dries down to a really powdery matte finish. It definitely is drying and the texture really does remind me of the Kylie ones.  You can pick the kits up for a very nice £6.99, which ignoring the liner is still a good price for such a Kylie dupe. 



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