Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hello  :D

I'm so excited... the postman brought me my Naked2 earlier!
 *rubs palette all over self*

The Naked2 comes in a tin, which I prefer to the original Naked - it feels sturdier. It'll be easier to clean than the velvety case, which collected quite a lot of dust.. Naked2 tin closes quite firmly as well, so it feels more travel friendly than the original naked.
Naked2 also comes with a mini lipgloss, which is nice but fairly random. I'd have preferred another mini primer potion like the original, but Ohwell! The lipgloss itself is nice, it's a sheer wash of a rosy colour, and smells/tastes minty. A good gloss to throw in my bag :)

Look, how beautiful! 
Naked2 comes with a double ended brush, one for applying colour and one for blending. I like Urban Decay brushes, I think they're good quality. Leagues better than the standard applicator that usually comes with palettes. 

I'm sure there will be five million reviews and swatches on blogs, but I wanted to still give my opinion ;)

L-R Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper

I was quite disappointed by the pigmentation of the two highlight colours, although as highlight colours, they're okay. Bootycall is better than Foxy though, it has more of a sheen. Half baked is one of my favourite shadows of all time, so I was happy to see this repeated in Naked2. Chopper is a lovely copper toned colour, I think it would look amazing with green eyes in particular, and I'm looking forward to using it.

L-R Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol

Tease is a matte pale brown, it almost has lavender undertones. Unusual, I like it! Snakebite is the colour I was most excited about when I saw online swatches, and it has not disappointed! Yum. It's such a lovely bronzey-gold with brown and kind of green tones. It's so pigmented, and perhaps the softest colour in the palette. Suspect is a taupe/gold colour, and is so pretty. It's kind of a champagne colour, great for an everyday eye I think. Pistol is a grey silver toned colour, and I don't have too many silver-y colours so I'm glad this in the palette. 

L-R Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

Verve is a cool toned lilac-y silver, think it'll go perfectly blended with Pistol for a smokey look. YDK is the second colour I was most looking forward to, yay! It's a warm taupe-y copper kind of colour, pretty unusual. It's really sheeny, and is really buttery in consistency. I seriously love this colour. Busted is a dark, cool brown. It's not matte, but it applies like a matte? It's a bit chalky, disappointing. It reminds me of Mac Mulch. This is a good colour if you don't like lots of sparkle or sheen, but not a complete matte. Blackout is a complete matte black, but applies well. I'm not the biggest fan of matte shades, but this one does apply quite well, and a matte black is always good to have in a palette. 

Whoah, that turned into a massive ramble. I apparently can't finish essays, but can talk an awful lot about eyeshadow ;) 

Let me know your thoughts on Naked2 - better or worse than the original? I'm not decided yet, I'm going to play around with it for a few days and see. My favourites of the palette so far are Chopper, Snakebite and YDK.
The palette costs £36 and is available now from Debenhams, and from all other stores from February. 
 Link me to any of your reviews, would love to read them :)

Laura xx



  1. I'm in love with all those colours.. I really like them all! Even though I haven't try the original one, this seems so cute!

  2. I was all for the original before I seen these photos. On first impression I thought the Naked2 palette's colours were too similar to one another, and tht the original gave more range. But I'm not sure now. I don't have either of them but I was going to buy the original, now I am undecided! Would love to hear your thoughts and advice once youve played around with it for a while :)

    1. I'm thinking that I prefer the Naked2 :D Hmmmmm xx

  3. im gutted because i got myself the Naked pallette in November, about 2 weeks before this one was anounced. wish i got this as they are more golden tones which i prefer. still love the original but cant justify getting both, especially as the other is so new. maybe next year. you lucky girl x

    1. The Naked original is still lovely though :) Haha, I know! xx

  4. These colours are gorgeous! I literally cannot wait for my Naked2 to arrive and try out 'snakebite'! From your swatches, it looks like the colours will mix well with the ones from Naked palette as well so its good that both work together so well but are also quite different. Half baked is one of my favourites as well but have so much of it now not sure will work my way through it all! Shame about not having primer potion though, means going out and buying some more! Lovely post :-)

    Stephie xx

  5. I just got mine in the post today too!! So busy with work I havent got a chance to use it yet!! Great Post xxx

  6. I really want this palette! :)

  7. So undecided if to get or not, I don't have either but not sure I use eye shadows enough for it to be worth it xx

    1. Maybe it'd be a good way to ease you in to using shadows? ;) xx


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