Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mac Haul :)

Hello, lovelies :)

This is a little haul in two bits... 

I ordered the cream colour base online a while ago (you may have seen my anger for Yodel through twitter) and it finally arrived on Thursday morning :)

I got the Cream Colour Base in Shell
Haven't seen too many reviews of the CCD's, but I like it so far :) They're fairly versatile, you can use them as highlighters, cream eyeshadows/blush, lip sticks... I got the shade Shell which is quite peachy-goldy, so I've been using mine as a cheek highlight so far. Fun to play around with though!

Today I also B2Med, which I think is my favourite ever thing to do.. I picked up Vegas Volt, which I'd been lusting over for a while. It's an amplified finish, so it is pretty bright! On me it comes out more red tones than in the bullet though, love it. I'm also very sorry to my best friend who I dragged along with me to the Mac counter, and made her wait as I swatched loads of different shades.. Oops. 

This morning I had been watching some of Anna's videos, where she mentions the Mac blush Melba a lot... Cut back to me buying it... Hmm. Am such a fan girl! I do love this blush though, it's very peachy, and brightens up your face. I don't have that many peach toned blushes, so am super happy with this purchase. It's a matte finish, which I like as it means I can wear highlighter without looking like a crazy disco Queen of the night. It's also nicely pigmented :) 

L-R Vegas Volt, Shell, Melba 

I also got some more muslin cloths from Liz Earle today... I morally object to doing laundry more than once a week (I'm a lazy student!) and I didn't want to use a dirty cloth to take my makeup off ;)

Here are some pictures with me trying out my new Mac stuff :)
Heavily applied blush so it would show up with my flash - I was too keen to blog to wait until tomorrow to take pictures ;)

(Wearing Suspect and Snakebite from Naked2 on my eyes)

& my awesome new earrings, little ankhs from Topshop. £3.60, thank you student discount <3

Lots of love,

Laura xx


  1. Good purchases, I love B2M, think half of my MAC lipsticks come from doing that! The lippie looks lovely on you :) x

    1. B2M is such a good idea :D Thanks lovely! xx

  2. Lovely haul, enjoyed reading this :) xx

  3. gorgeous make up :)
    love the lip colour
    laur x

  4. Ohh you look gorgeous,I love the earings too i'm always using my student discount xx

    1. Thanks cutie! Loveeeee student discount so much aha :) xx

  5. Yay it finally arrived! I Loveee Vegas volt it has been on my wish list for a while now. I live the look of Melba too but I want to try a cream blush next so this will have to wait until my next splurge hehe
    I finally bought the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and I'm loving how easy it is at taking my make up off, my first cloth is already disgustingly orange/beige haha

    1. Mac splurges are my favourite thing aha :) I want to try a cream blush from them too, let me know which one you get and how it goes? Haha, I hate making the cloth all dirty and beige/y xx

  6. Cream Colour base is one of my favourite MAC buys ever, but mine is in Pearl- would definitely recommend if you like Shell! I reviewed it on my blog, if you look in my september file . xxx

    1. Oooh, thanks :) I'll have a look now xx


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