Friday, 22 June 2012

Nails: CHANEL's Rouge Noir and a dupe!


Chanel's Rouge Noir is a tres famous colour, brought to light by Uma Thurman in (one of my favourite film's) Pulp fiction. 

Sadly the polish does not give one the ability to bust a move like Mia Wallace, as shown below. 

Alas, I digress.
The polish is what I'd call a classic, timeless colour - vampy red that just screams cool. 

Here it is in all its glory. Two coats of pure-awesomeness. 

I think it's a 'mature' colour, I love it. This bottle is actually Mama Laurzrah's because I used my bottle all up, and never got round to replacing it - I found a cheaper alternative. 

Now, I slightly tricked you, because on my index finger I am in fact wearing an entirely different polish - can you tell the difference? I can't. 

The polish is Max Factor's Ruby Fruit, a snip at £5.99 compared to Chanel's price tag of £17.50.

There are quite a few Rouge Noir dupes floating around, but this is the best I've seen - if anything it's shinier and better than Chanel. It also doesn't chip as quickly... Chanel polishes do chip sooner than I'd like. 

Ruby Fruit is available here for £5.99 - link! 

What do you guys think? Any Rouge Noir (or Pulp fiction) fans?   

Laura xx



  1. I had the exact same thoughts about the black version of the chanel polish but I did find it very good on toenails rather than fingernails. xx

  2. I love Pulp Fiction :) Ive never tried Chanel polish due to Victoria (above) telling me how bad they chipped :( hate chipped nails! followed :) xox

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