Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-nourishing lip balm

It's a lip balm, Jim, but not as we know it!

Targeted at dry and chapped lips, this balm has Honey, Shea butter and essential oils that all work together to comfort your lips. 

The smell - Citrus! A bit lemony, but mostly orange. Smells like legit citrus, not artificial. I really dislike strongly artificial lemon smells, this balm smells much more like a summery orangey delightfulness. 

The packaging - It comes in a frosted glass jar, it feels wickedly decadent. Yes, lip balms can be wickedly decadent. It feels nicely heavy in your hands, and definitely feels nicely posh. The fancy french writing definitely makes this balm feel more exclusive. 

The texture - Odd. So odd. I would definitely describe it as rich. It's quite thick and paste-y and has to be smeared onto your lips. Whereas Vaseline is slippery and glides onto your lips, the Nuxe balm almost needs to be 'worked' into your lips... a gentle lip massage if you will. I think because it's so much thicker it, for want of a better word, penetrates your lips more and results in a longer-lasting lip nourishment. 

What makes this balm different? The finish - it's matte, so it looks super duper natural and your hair doesn't get stuck in a gloopy mess of gloop. 
It also stays on your lips for a really long time - coming from a chronic re-applier, this is good! 

Where to get it - Space NK (link!) Feel Unique (link!)

Laura xx


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