Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Inside my makeup bag // makeup ramble.

Lately I've taken to throwing all of the stuff I pile on my face on a daily basis into a bag. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. It means that I don't have to rootle around in various drawers finding what I want. I don't tend to carry it round with me, because I rarely bother touching up on the go, and I certainly don't want to carry every single thing around with me. 

The makeup bag itself was a present from my best friend. It's purple and has Disney villains... it was made for me :)

Base-wise, I have... a lot. I like to pile it on like it's going out of fashion, apparently. Two primers - the rimmel stay matte for my tzone, which is awesome for helping my makeup stay on longer & the Seventeen skin wow for my cheeks to add some glow. Good stuff. The MAC fortified skin enhancer in neutralise to tone down any redness, as usual, and then the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation in creme ivory. Amazing stuff. The Bobbi brown corrector, for my dark circles. I use the teeniest tiniest bit and just put it right in the inner corners, where the shadows are darkest. Then either the NARS creamy concealer or MAC pro longwear concealer, depending on what I feel like. The Rimmel stay matte powder for my tzone, to set everything. 

That covers my skin/base stuff. It does sound like a lot, but it takes me under 5 minutes to slap it all on. 

The extras. If I'm in a rush I'd leave it at the base stuff, but this is all the interesting stuff that makes my makeup look fancier. 

Cheeks are chiseled with the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder and highlighted with MAC soft & gentle MSF. I change my blush up pretty much most days, but at the moment I'm using Tarte's Exposed. Good for natural blush days, and it goes with any look. 

The rest is eye stuff - MAC Painterly paint pot is my go-to. The By terry ombre blackstar pencil in misty rock is so so gorgeous - I love using it as a base for the Naked 3 palette. MAC Vanilla pigment and Stila kitten are both highlights...one for the brow bone, one for the inner corner. Hmm. MAC Blacktrack for if I can be bothered to do eyeliner. I'm using the Maybelline falsies mascara at the moment, and it seems fine. For brows I am using the MUA luxe brow pencil, which is so good! Amazing. I have a little mascara wand to brush through my brows. 

What's in your makeup bag at the moment? Thanks for reading! :) 

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  1. Great products :) x


  2. I adore your make-up bag! There's nothing better than a good make-up bag. The rimmel stay matte primer and seventeen's highlighter are both on my wish list :) I'm also really hoping to give one of Mac's paint pots a try soon. I'm loving La Roche Posay's CC Cream as a base at the moment and I've tried out some new mac lipsticks too - it's a good make-up month haha :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. Hehe thanks :) The La roche posay looked so nice on you in your post! xx

  3. Loved this post Laura and I have so many of the products so I know you have excellent taste ;-)

    I love Soft and Gentle, the Vanilla pigment, Stila Kitten and Exposed! I have 3 of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar but I haven't used them yet-every review I have read has been amazing though!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Haha, that we do!

      Ooh you have to try them, they are so creamy and nice! :)


  4. LOVE the make up bag! I love posts like this, its great having a little look at what people use on their face each day!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. I knew I had to read this post just as soon as I saw that makeup bag - how awesome is it!! Haha to be honest I've decided to do the exact same thing but with a little box, I stock there everything I know I'm gonna use every day and it's probably the best idea I've ever had - saves a lot of time in the mornings!

    Tania x

    1. Haha I love it so much! Anything to make my morning easier :) xx


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