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Clinique chubby sticks versus Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm/stains.

Hello, m'lovelies!

Cheeky little comparison post for you today!


Clinique: The stick has no scent or taste. Clinique is know for their hypo-allergenic products, and so it makes sense that there isn't a scent. I think a scent would have been nice, but it's hard to make a universally appealing scent, and so the neutrality doesn't exclude any potential customers.

Revlon: The Revlon has a really fresh minty smell. It smells like spearmint gum, which I like. It doesn't linger too much on the lips though. There also isn't a minty tingle, like with carmex but there is definitely a minty smell. Mint mint mint. Avoid if you don't like mint. How many more times can I say mint?

Revlon just bitten & Clinique chubby stick

The Packaging

The packaging is ridiculously similar on these products! Not sure how this was allowed... They both have silver ends/twisters and the Clinique has a matching silver lid. The Revlon's lid matches the body of the product. Both products have silver writing in a clear font on the body with the brand, product and shade name. Both products also twist up so you don't need to use a sharpener, which is pretty cool. 


Clinique: These last on the lips for around 1.5 hours on me. They feel very moisturising, and like a typical balm don't last after food and stuff. They definitely made my lips feel softer after applying, and after they've faded away. 

Revlon: These are definitely stains! This stayed around on my lips for such a long time, until the next morning after a lunch time application. The colour definitely fades, but fairly smoothly & don't go patchy or cling to any dry spots massively. 

Colour payoff/pigmentation

Clinique: These are surprisingly pigmented for a moisturising product. These moisturise more than Revlon lip butters, but have a similar colour pay off for most of the shades. They definitely cover the colour of your lips. 

Revlon: I found that over time my shade got darker and looked more intense. These are more pigmented than the Cliniques, I'd say, but not massively so. Definitely depends on the shade, but these are more like a lip stick. 

Clinique in 14 Curvy Candy

Revlon in 001 Honey

Shade range: 

Clinique: Clinique has 16 different shades, pretty much covering the colour spectrum. It has loads of pinks, nudes and darker colours. 

Revlon: Revlon only has 7 shades (I think! Might be 6) in the UK, with more in the US (always the way... sort it out, Revlon!)


Clinique: Clinique ones are £16... eep! You get 3g of product, which isn't a lot! 

Revlon: Revlon ones are normally £7.99 but are on an introductory offer of £5.99 at the moment! That's £10 cheaper! 

Overall, if you have super dry lips i'd recommend the Clinique - they are overly moisturising and more moisturising than some balms I've tried. The colours are also nice and sheer but can be built up if you want a stronger colour. The Revlon definitely has staying power, so good for a lack of touch-ups. The glossiness fades after 1.5-2 hours or so, so I would reapply for a glossy finish then anyway. Also, the name for the Revlon product is a mouthful! Doesn't affect the product in anyway, but a bit annoying. Chubby sticks are so catchy and cute!

Have you guys tried either of these?
What do you think?

Laura xx

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  1. Honey looks like a lovely shade :) xo

  2. I have the Revlon ones, I really like them but Id like to try the clinique sticks too xox

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  3. what a wonderful review! I m going to buy the revlon one =)

  4. Thanks for doing a comparison, it's always nice to read these. I'm still sticking to my verdict and getting a Revlon one instead. :)

  5. Thanks for linking me to this! I only have one Revlon Balm Stain in Honey and it's nice, but I got the Clinique Whole Lotta Colour set for Christmas and I'm definitely preferring them, Curvy Candy is a beaut! xx

  6. I think I need to try these, I think I am more inclined to get the Revlon ones though after reading this :)


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