Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dr Lipp nipple balm for lips (teehee)

I'd heard lots about this stuff on different blogs, and I was so intrigued. The name made me laugh, but the product itself sounded good. It's unscented and 100% natural. A multi-purpose balm that is made from pure lanolin and promised to soothe all my sore skin and lips? I was sold.

It comes in a little squeezy tube, where you can rub it directly into your lips or put it on your finger and rub it in. It is quite hard to squeeze it out, as the product is quite stiff and so it takes a bit of work!

Once you apply it to your lips, your lips feel instantly softer. The product itself sits on top of your lips, but not like Vaseline. I feel like it really soothes my lips, and it lasts for ages. Even for a chronic re-applier like me only needed to reapply it every 5 hours or so. This is a big deal!

I also had a rough bit of skin in the web in between my ring and middle finger where it was all red and scabby (gross!) and I applied this balm and my finger was better the next day! Magical. I felt like I had the healing powers of the Slayer ;)

I'd 100% recommend this product, it's the longest lasting lip balm/salve I've tried, and my lips haven't been dry or scabby since I've been using it. 

I ordered mine from Specific skin for just over £10, with free delivery - link! Delivery was really quick from here. If you order from this website for the first time you get 5% off, the balm is normally £11!

Laura xx



  1. The name of it is so funny. I like that you say it lasts for hours, that is what I hate about most lipbalms.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey.


    1. I know, makes me laugh! Yeah it's great! xx


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