Thursday, 17 January 2013

Makeup for blue eyes #1

This post will be part one of two for blue eyes, and I can also do it for other eye colours if you'd like? Let me know!

I'd consider my eyes to be my best feature, and so I like to draw attention to them. On the colour wheel orange is opposite blue and so anything with golden/orange/redish tones in general will look good on blue eyes! 

My top picks include the Nars Isolde Duo, which is two gorgeous orange toned shadows. The quality from Nars is amazing, they are crazily pigmented and buttery soft. The two colours work really well together or seperatley. When I wear this my eyes look intensely blue. The MAC paint pot (I'll mention just MAC shadows in part 2!) in Rubenesque is a creamy salmony gold. You can use it on its own, or layer it under shadows. It looks particularly good under Urban Decay Half Baked, which I didn't include in this post entirely, but it's worth a look! The Illamasqua liquid metal in Electrum is beautiful if you're looking for a strong eye look. It applies really creamily and is an opaque gold colour. I've worn this on nights out before and I think it looks good. I'd say this is a bit strong for day though! Lastly, the budget friendly MUA shadows in both 28 and 30. 28 is a redish copper with shimmer. 30 is a bronzey gold. The MUA shadows are only £1(!) each and are insanely pigmented and soft. They do have a fair bit of fall out, but the colours are worth it.

Voila! Those are my top (non-MAC) shadows for making blue eyes stand out!
Do you have any other shades?

Let me know about doing this kind of series for other eye colours!

Laura xx



  1. Really love this post! I have blue eyes too, and they are exactly the shades I'm most drawn too. I adore coppers and golds. xxx

  2. I have blue eyes and am attracted to browns, bronzes and taupes the most! So I'm along the right lines there :-) xx

  3. I would love to see what colours work for brown eyes!


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