Monday, 4 February 2013

Nars Dragon girl

One more Nars product, and I'm one step closer to doing a Nars starter kit! Any excuse, eh? ;)

Dragon girl is a matte pinky red with blue undertones. Sounds good? It is! The design is a chubby pencil, which makes it really easy to apply, You just kind of 'crayon' in your lips, and you're done! For a matte texture it's surprisingly creamy.

The formula on this is impeccable. It lasts and lasts and lasts without drying your lips out. I'd apply lip balm before to make sure your lips aren't dry before. It lasts through drinking and food and leaves an even stain on the lips. If you hate the high-maintenance of a red lip, this is for you! You just slick it on and go.

I got mine from HQhair for £17.50

Would you wear this?
Laura xx



  1. It looks beautiful on you! Really suits your skintone and eyes :)

  2. That colour suits you well and is very pretty. I've been considering buying it but ended up getting one of the Stila liquid lipsticks instead. x

  3. Yet another thing to add to my ever growing wish list! This looks so nice, definitely need to check out some shades :)

  4. What a gorgeous colour, the shade in the photo reminds me of Mac Ruby Woo, which I absolutely adore :) xx

  5. That colour really suits you!x

  6. Gorgeous, definitely on my wishlist! x

  7. I don't tend to use this type of product but the colour is lovely might check it out. X

  8. Gorgeous, I love Nars! X x


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