Tuesday, 30 April 2013

MAC Fashion sets lipsticks 2013

MAC Fashion sets lipsticks
Ablaze, Heroine, Embrace me
This parcel just arrived this morning and I was a-swatching straight away! It's my birthday and I have 5 new MAC lipsticks...best day ever. The Fashion sets collection is something Ive been waiting for for a while... 2 bright pinks, a purple, an orange... I am all over that. Silly is the only one I didn't get, as it didn't really 'speak' to me... might pick it up on Thursday though ;)
Heroine obviously called to me, and it's the perfect matte purple. I absolutely love this one! Ablaze is an orange coral colour, something which is perfect for summer. Embrace me is my kind of bright blue-based pink... a shade MAC does so, so well. These are all matte finishes, which is my favourite for bright lips, and I can't wait to wear them all. They're all now sold out on the MAC website, but they'll be hitting stores tomorrow :D



  1. I missed out online! I'm going to try and get Heroine in store or on Debenhams/House of Fraser online! Fingers crossed! :p all the shades are really pretty :) xx

  2. I love all of these shades so much! I can't decide which is my favourite :) I love a nice matte lip too if I'm doing a bold shade. Definitely going to have to have a peek in stores eeek they're gorgeous!!xxx


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