Monday, 23 September 2013

NYC Haul - Part 3/3 (Drugstore and the rest!)

So this is the last haul post from New York! Oh boy oh boy :) This post is all the stuff I got from the drugstore (Duane reade forever!), Bath & body works, ELF & Victorias secret.

I only got one 'beauty' item from VS - the red body spray, I love it! It smells really sexy :)

From ELF I got two baked eyeshadows, one shadow pencil and 4 brushes. The brushes are surprisingly good for $3! I've never tried any ELF before, but we found the little store and checked it out. I *think* it's the only store around! I got the two eyeshadows for Autumn, I thought they'd be really pretty.

From NYX I got a blue lipgloss! Love blue lip products.

Bath and Bodyworks... ok wow! So much lovely stuff, & the US goes nuts for anything pumpkin! I got 10 anti bac hand gels for $10, love that. I got some halloween ones & 3 pumpkin spice latte... smells so good. 

Last but obviously not least, from the drugstore I got 2 EOS balms (Mint & pomegranate/raspberry), 3 of the electric Maybelline baby lips, one medicated baby lips, 4 Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes & three polishes. One black China glaze & 2 OPIs :)

So there we go! I'll feature everything I've 'hauled' in these posts in more detail, but if you want to see anything in particular let me know :)



  1. Another fab haul! :D I love the bath and body works Halloween stuff, planning on getting some of the pocket backs from eBay! :) xx

  2. Ah this haul looks amazing! I have a few elf baked eyeshadows and I love them!xx

  3. Everything looks so amazing! I've always wanted to try out the Wet n Wild eyeshadows! xx

  4. The Wet n Wild eyeshadows and EOS spheres are amazing! Great haul! :) x


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