Friday, 6 September 2013

'Tubing' mascaras

Yeah. Tubing. A super glamorous word! Hmm. I had no idea what a tubing mascara was until fairly recently, and the idea doesn't exactly sound that appealing. The results are really cool though, bear with me!

A tubing mascara is different because the formulas are completely different. They're made with polymers that essentially coat and then shrink-wrap each lash. They apply really wetly and then as they dry it expands your lashes. It sounds really complicated, but basically each individual lash is entirely coated in the formula. The mascaras are then smudge proof until you use water to get them off. I have two - the DHC Double Protection mascara* and the Kevyn Aucoin Curling mascara. The DHC one has the teeniest brush (awesome for teeny lashes), and when I first started using it I was confused as how to get if off - oily removers don't really work that well. Basically you splash water on your eyes and gently massage your eyelashes and little bits of the mascara come off. It's a bit gross, really. It's great if, like me, you have sensitive eyes because it's just water and it's pretty easy to get it off once you get the knack. 

Tubing mascaras are not really great for adding extreme volume, but if you are looking for length I'd recommend tubing mascaras! Also if you have sensitive, watery eyes - these mascaras don't smudge or come off when your eyes run. Trust!

Have you tried a 'tubing' mascara? How many times can I say tubing? ;)


  1. Ooh, I used to use the Blinc on yeeeears ago and I loved it. I swore I'd never use another mascara again and I dunno why I switched, boredom and being a fickle bloggy type I guess! Might have to dig it out and see if it's still able to form tubes.

  2. I'd never ever heard of 'tubing' mascaras before this post! Very interesting though! :)
    Amy |

  3. I've never really understood this tubing business before, but sounds pretty good for someone like me who has very shor lashes.


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