Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hungover fuss-free face

So, it's officially 2014 - Happy New Year! :) 

I'm sure a lot of people are feeling rather... delicate today. I know I won't be, but I am an old lady and will be in my jammies. If you are feeling a little bit worse for wear, then I've got the makeup you need sorted. 

For base you're going to want something glowy to give you some good skin. The NARS tinted moisturiser is perfect for this, because it doesn't make you too greasy and it gives you pretty decent coverage. If things are looking a little too shiny, I'd recommend some light powdering - you don't want to look greasy and ill! Under the eyes I would use Benefit's erase paste because it covers anything and is nice and creamy so won't tug the eyes. I wouldn't bother with eye makeup because my eyes are always sore after a late night out. You don't want to jab yourself in the eyes or anything. For some colour I'll always go with Kevyn Aucoin's Tansoleil, because the creamy formula makes you look healthy but not too shiny, and just generally lovely. I would go with a bright lip, (MAC Flat out fabulous pictured) because I think you always look like you've put much more effort in when you wear lipstick, and then you don't have to bother with eye makeup. Sunglasses are advisable as well, and you're good to go! No one will know ;)



  1. Haha this is so appropriate right now. Happy new year Laura!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Thank you Hayley, happy new year to you too! xx

  2. I really want to try out the Erase Paste, heard great reviews
    Happy New Year xx

    1. It's like war paint for your under eyes! xx


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