Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rose romancin'

Best rose scented products
Rose romancin' - top rose scented products 

Rose is one of those tricksy scents to get right - get it just so and it smells gorgeous, so fresh, girly and basically a pretty scent. Get it wrong, and it can be so unpleasant - just ugh. I smell artificial, gross rose scents far more often than I do nice ones. I have 5 (6) products that have completely nailed it, and one example of how not to do rose.

By Terry baume de rose // By terry or de rose baume precieux - Ahhhh, the heavenly baume de rose. *angelic chorus* This is a straight up luxurious product, and it feels so expensive when using it. It is the most intensely moisturising lip balm I've ever used; I use it at night and it makes my lips feel so nourished. Mmm. I've almost finished mine (weep!), but I recently picked up the special baume precieux version in the Space NK sale, which is basically a souped-up version with gold shimmer. It didn't need to feel any more luxurious, but just incase you thought it wasn't millionaire fancy already, have a gold version ;) 

Dior creme de rose - another rosy lip balm. Groundbreaking. This one is less intensely creamy than the baume de rose, and this one I chuck in my bag because it's plastic and won't break. It gives lips a slightly milky finish, and moisturises lips for ages. 

Diptyque baies candle - Oh wow, I want this to be burning constantly around me but I can't because Diptyque are extortionate! This one smells so warm and fresh, and the smell fills my whole flat. What a cliche, I'm awful at describing scents but this one just smells... romantic? Haha so pretty. I'd smelt it in the shop and been unimpressed, but once burnt it is so delicate and gorgeous. 

Ren purity cleansing balm - Another day, another cleansing balm. Balms are by far my favourite cleansing method, as they just get your skin so clean and fresh without stripping. This one is different to other balms in presentation - not in a pot - so more hygenically pleasing, and it also isn't as oily as say... Emma hardie. The smell though, the smell! Light and delicate, this balm melts all your makeup off. Mmm.

Bourjois java rice powder - The last of the good. Bourjois java rice powder is a loose, finely milled pinky powder that softly illuminates the skin. It smells like powdered, sugary rose (like lots of Bourjois stuff), and the smell is seriously addictive. The powder itself is nice for adding a glow, but I am really loving the scent, and that's what makes me use it more :)

... and the bad. Lush Rose jam. It smells nice when smelt in the bottle, but when lathered up it smells like musty old lady. Ugh. I felt like the old dead woman in the shining. Ugggh it smells so gross. 

So I've picked skincare, a candle, a lip product and some rose makeup... all bases are covered I think! Do you like rose?



  1. I love rose scented things, I recommend a sniff of Chloe, Chloe Rose de Chloe and LUSH's Imogen Rose if you haven't sniffed them already.

    Rosie |

  2. I really want to get the Bourjois Java Rice Powder, it sounds lovely!

    1. It's worth it just for the smell ;) xx


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