Monday, 6 January 2014

My top 5, 'can't-live-without' MAC products

I am a self-confessed MAC girl, and I feel all fluttery when I know a new collection is a-coming, but there are also some staple staple products that I use a lot! These are probably obvious choices, and easy to guess for me. They can get lost in the sea of new makeup, but I like knowing what products are my 'can't live withouts' and my daily, trusty ol' hard-working faithfuls. 2 of them I have repurchased, and the other three are used basically daily. I recommend every one of these 100%. 

MAC Fortified skin enhancer in 'neutralise' - I haven't reviewed this in depth before, but I use this every single day, and this is my third tube and as you can see I'm almost out! I had this used once on a MAC makeover, and I've never looked back. This is a yellow cream that corrects any redness. I have naturally rosy cheeks, which I personally don't like! I hate the look of my red cheeks shining through foundation. When I apply a pea-sized amount of this, it dramatically reduces the redness and makes my skin look a lot calmer. If you have rosacea, or what I actually have (keratosis pilaris rubra faceii) then I can't recommend this enough. It's made me feel far more comfortable in my own skin & I pray to jeebus they never discontinue it.

MAC 'Lady Danger' lipstick - Yup, this lipstick again. I know I go on and on about this, but it's truly the perfect red. It's bright, creamy, orange-toned and lasts on my lips for absolutely hours. I think the orange tones complement my blue eyes, and just make my whole face look a lot fresher and brighter. As soon as I slick this on I instantly feel a bit sexier, and surely that's the whole point of red lipstick?

MAC 217 blending brush - Ah yes, the infamous 217. The brush to end all brushes, heralded by all. This brush will make any eyeshadow application look like you've put more effort in than you have, which is obviously great. I use this for everything - applying shadow, blending, applying crease colour, applying brow highlight, concealer... it's a wonder brush. I have three. I am unapologetic. 

MAC mineralised skin finish in 'Soft & Gentle' - I've used so much of this that the dip has disappeared, and that makes me kind of sad. This is a really beautiful highlight, and will add a gorgeous champagne glow to wherever you apply it. Sort of divine, goddess like skin in a pan. It's not great if you're after 'subtle', but if you want to show off dem cheekbones, give this a whirl.

MAC paint pot in 'Painterly' - This is my go-to eyeshadow base. I love paint pots in general, and have a couple, but painterly just seems to go with everything. It's a creamy pink-toned taupe colour that applies a little tacky and really helps to prolong eyeshadow wear-time. It also lasts for agesssss, and although I'm beginning to feel the glass bottom (hehe) I have loads left after about a year of frequent use. Little pro tip - store paint pots upside down to keep them fresher (moister?) for longer.

So there are my top 5 picks! An honourable mention deserves to go to All that glitters and Woodwinked, but I think that although they are lovely, they are not as unique and hard-working in my makeup stash. 



  1. I really want to try out the Mac skin finish, it seems so lovely and I really need to get my hands on it in the new year. Great post (:

    1. Thanks! Yes, I love it for the glow :) xx

  2. I didn't realise MAC had a skin enhancer that could calm redness! I was told they didn't have anything when I asked :(! Definitely trying this out xx

    D Is For...

    1. Aw, that sucks! Yes, definitely try this :) xx


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