Sunday, 23 March 2014

5 x things I've been loving

I read Kate's post last night, and thought I'd follow suit (baa) and write a more personal post about things I've been enjoying lately. In an effort to spread some positivity and all that.

1 - Firstly, this pizza. We made our own last night, and they were soo good. I'm not sure why it's taken us so long to make our own pizzas, but now I'm not going to stop. I could do a recipe post (yes?), but it was so easy I probably won't. For toppings we had anchovies (my favourite!), tuna, sweetcorn, salami and chilli. Mmm, looking at the photo is making me hungry again. 

2 - Secondly, I handed in my last every essay this week! Ever. The end of my academic life is fast approaching which is both scary and delicious. I have my dissertation left to do, and then 2 exams and I am graduated. Eee!

3 - The weather is getting better! Even in Wales. Ha. I always like Winter but then Summer comes around and I realise how much happier I am when it's lighter. 

4 - Pastels. Alllll the pastels. 

5 - Looking forward to loads of different events in April. Our anniversary, one of my best friend's birthdays, seeing Wicked with my other best friend(!), my mum's birthday and then my birthday meal where my family is all getting together for a lovely meal organised by my mum. Also a potential holiday in June, graduation in July and a wedding in July. I might do a fashion post with my planned outfit? & moving in July! Eee, so many things I am excited about. 



  1. That pizza does look delicious! Glad to hear you've nearly finished your exams, I haven't even started mine yet and I'm panicking about them! x

    Amy |


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