Saturday, 15 March 2014

Snippets from my dressing table

I finally got round to tidying my dressing table yesterday afternoon, & as I had already filmed a video and had my camera out and good to go I snapped some quick photos of my pride and joy - my dressing table. I thought I'd share because I absolutely love looking at other people's dressing tables and vanity's. Mine is a little cluttered - I don't do minimalism - but I love how it looks. If you want a more in depth makeup collection post, let me know in the comments :)

My dressing table is from Ikea, it's the Hemnes one. The drawers are the 2 wide ones from Muji, and the little drawers are from a website called Live laugh love.

Princess Tiana and the emperor Augustus. Yup. 

The 'every day' drawer, where my favourite stuff of the moment gets shoved in. 

Muji goodness. From the top to the bottom it has - primer, tinted moisturiser, foundations & concealers/powders. & a little Colosseum to the right. Did I mention I study ancient history? 

Adorable little teacup that kind of 'tools' get put in. Eyelash curlers, teeny tiny scissors, tweezers...

I have an old yoghurt pot (a fancy one!) filled with cotton buds, a Tangled cup filled with lip liners, a Moomin mug with my favourite MAC lipsticks of the moment & my newly finished Eucalyptus Diptyque candle. All gone, sadness. It now holds my every day makeup brushes.

Mmm, hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading :)



  1. I love it! I love how personal it is to you with your little figurine of Tiana and Augustus and little yogart pot (which btw I never would have thought was a yogart pot!). I would love to see an in depth collection post :)

  2. Lovely post, there's something oddly satisfying about having an organised dressing table! Simple pleasures :)

  3. Love your dressing table! I wish I had a proper dressing table for all of my makeup and beauty bits x

    Amy |


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