Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'Drugstore' & Sephora haul.

I've been shopping. I couldn't help myself, and whilst I was in Superdrug/Boots/the 'drugstore' shopping for a swap I got suckered in to all the new, shiny things. Also my mum placed a Sephora order and ohso kindly let me sneak 2 things in. Before I really knew what was happening, I had lots of new things. Hmm.

On my *first* trip to Boots I picked up the Sleek matte me lip stain in party pink, which is amazing and so long-lasting. Similar to the Hourglass opaque rouge's except for the stupid applicator which makes it hard to fill in your lips neatly. Or maybe I'm just extremely cack-handed. After seeing Anna mention it, I grabbed a Rimmel salon pro nail polish in oh, mr Darcy! Best name ever. Nice nudey colour, but takes about 3.5 coats to look decent. The MUA luxe power brow in dark brown piqued my interest, and for £3 I thought... why not? This is really, really good. It has a pencil on one end and a kind of iffy highlighter on t'other end, but the brow pencil is so good! Lastly on that trip I picked up a Beauty UK lipstick in naughty... how have I never tried these before?! They are so amazing. Slightly weird minty smell, but the colour and the formula is so so good, and it was £2.50! (normally £3.49 fyi, but it was 2 for £5, and I got one for my friend)

Two online orders were placed - one for this amazing Whistles clutch, in a vibrant minty green. Hey, I have a blue one and it was getting lonely... Also from Boots because of a cashback deal I ordered the Revlon matte balm stain in unapologetic, which is nice and I will be featuring as a dupe very soon.

On the way home from picking up my online orders I went into Superdrug to check if they had any MUA Luxe velvet lip laquers in stock, and they did, obviously. I got atomic and funk, which are nice and I need to play around with them more. Also got the Maybelline the falsies mascara, because I desperately needed a new mascara and I've never tried this. So far, so good. Don't love the wand, but I find most mascaras much of muchness really. 


From Sephora, land of the cosmetic angels, I got a Tarte blush in Exposed, which is like NARS Douceur but prettier and better. I also got the Sephora x Pantone Universe radiant flush matte lipstick, because it's a matte purpley pink lipstick, and it's the official pantone colour of the year, yup.

And I'm done. Except for a few MAC bits that I will post about shortly *hangs head in shame*

Have you picked anything up lately? Or have you tried any of these things? Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ooo I look forward to seeing what at the Sephora lipstick is like :) xx


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