Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Face #12 (feat. 25 facts about me!)

MAC Fortified skin enhancer
Dr Jart BB cream
MAC studio finish concealer 
Rimmel stay matte powder
Laura Mercier Peach Whisper

UD Primer Potion
MAC All that glitters & Woodwinked
Maybelline Rocket mascara
NYX eyeliner in Milk

Rimmel Celestial 

25 facts about me!

1. I study Ancient History (Romans, Greeks...)
2. My favourite colour is purple
3. I'm terrified of badgers
4. My favourite smell is mint
5. I have size 9 feet!
6. I prefer silver to gold jewellery 
7. I'm almost blind without my contacts/glasses
8. I'm a 'Mark', not a 'Jez'
9. I'm scared of Yorkshire accents (haha)
10. I prefer savoury to sweet
11. Tarantino is my favourite director.
12. I have 3 tattoos
13. My favourite food is butternut squash risotto
14. My favourite band - The Decemberists 
15. I can speak (aka read) Latin
16. Favourite tv shows include: Buffy, The US Office, Breaking Bad & Arrested development
17. Cats are my favourite animals
18. I LOVE Disney & will talk/quote any Disney film
19. I'm allergic to nuts
20. My first perfume was Ghost
21. I love Musicals - les mis, Wicked, Legally blonde, the lion king...
22. I can be shy sometimes, but I'm a lot better than I used to be
23. I'm half Welsh & live in Wales
24. My favourite nail polish shade is blue
25. I have 13 piercings

I tag anyone who reads this to do it, and make sure to leave the link so I can see! :D

Have a great weekend!

Laura xx



  1. Why do I now feel like I need that Laura Mercier blush in Peach Whisper!? Haha looks lovely on you :) Also Tarantino is my favourite director too! Which of his films is your favourite? :)

    1. ... You do need it! :D Umm I love all of them, but Pulp fiction will always be a favourite xx

  2. I love the Dr Jart BB cream! I prefer the water-fused one to the original!(:

  3. I love Disney and West End shows too :) I actually worked at Disney World in Orlando the year before last!

  4. Your so pretty I am a big disney nerd x

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  5. International giveaway on my blog! here:

    Good luck!

  6. Check out my facts about me at xx please follow back

  7. I love Woodwinked!:) x

  8. Thought I was the only one that preferred savory to sweet!

    I also did a 25 facts about me post, I love them


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