Saturday, 5 April 2014

Some new Spring clothes additions

After only buying two items of clothing this year (really!), I decided it was time to have a little seasonal update. This obviously meant I wanted some pastel clothes.

After initially stumbling into Topshop in search of some Simpsons pants (ha), I was suckered in by all the gorgeous clothes. Ugh, I saw so many nice things I wanted, but the thing that stood out the most was a blue raglan sweatshirt top thing. It's a baby blue, really soft and looks nice I hope...! I don't have anything else pastel blue-y.

In Primark I grabbed 2 'boyfriend fit' tshirts for £3 each in lilac and sky blue. They're really nice, and quite long which is good because I'm long. I'm going to wear these with midi tube skirts and sunglasses. Cannae wait!

Lastly in Primark I spotted this nude/peach waffley textured dress, which looks quite smart on. I have meals out and fun stuff coming up, so I thought a nice dress like this would be good. It comes with a brown belt which I thought was a bit gross, but I have a mint belt the same width so I am excited about that! Mint and peach. Yessir. 

So that brings my total clothes purchases for 2014 up to 6. Not too bad for April!

Have you got any new clothes lately? I fear I have been bitten by the shopping bug... Thanks for reading! :)

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