Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#WIAW (what I ate Wednesday)

Aside from reading about the newest lipstick releases that are getting me hot under the colour, I absolutely love reading and watching food diary entries.

Lately I have also been making a conscious effort to eat healthier and to go to the gym more. I have been cutting way down on carbohydrates - not that carbs are 'the enemy' in anyway but I think my body responds well to a protein-heavy diet. I also tend to get really low blood sugar that makes me feel awful and shaky, so cutting down on sugar has made me feel better.

This was an average day in food - it was pretty healthy though! I think. I tend to have 3-4 cups of tea a day, and have some dark chocolate with my tea in the afternoon. The lindt dark chocolate with sea salt is the best :)

This breakfast is amazing - eggs and turkey meatballs with hot sauce. I love the Cholula hot sauce, it's my favourite at the moment... So good! It keeps me full until lunch time, and it's so tasty. I normally have a coffee in the morning as well, as well as a pint of water.

My favourite lunch - it's just so yummy. I absolutely love hummus, and I've finally been able to perfect my recipe. I can post if anyone likes, but it's so ridiculously easy. I just have a couple of spoons of hummus, and then have some carrots and some falafels. I also have at least a pint of water with every meal :)

For dinner I used the slim pasta spaghetti, which is under 15 calories per serving... madness. I had pan-fried salmon with kale, broccoli and green beans. I made my own sauce - I used low-salt soy sauce, agave syrup and chillies to make my own kind of teryiakai dressing. It was really good, and the agave syrup is low GI, which means it's a better kind of sugar. 

I'm hungry now, having typed this! :)

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