Friday, 11 July 2014

A sketch a day keeps the doctor away

Is there anything in the world more satisfying than a fresh notebook? Nope, thought not. Clean bedsheets and walking in virgin snow come close, but nothing can beat the excitement of a new notebook. A sea of white just asking to be filled with interesting doodles and scribbles. This time, instead of furtively doodling, this notebook is all about doodling. A doodle a day, really. 

Aside from blogging and lipsticks, drawing is something I've always really enjoyed, and used to be quite good at it. I haven't drawn anything properly since Art GCSEs (and that week I took it for A level until I chickened out and did classics instead), so I am so excited about the opportunity to start practising my creativity on a daily basis. So far I have missed about a week since my first sketch, so it's not strictly going to be a sketch a day, unless I get my arse in gear and actually bother. I think I'm going to pop this journal in my bag, so that I can sketch on the train home. 

What do you reckon? Would you like to see an update, in say a month or so? Also, are any of you secret doodlers? Do tell :)

p.s. I'm going to the theatre in Covent garden tonight to see a horror/gore play about ghosts, I am excited! I think a shake shack might also be on the cards. Oh yes. 


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