Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dinner and a show.

Last week Chris and I went on a date night in London town. Now that we both work in London, there's so much more to do... shocking I know, but it's so fun. We were going to try out 5 guys, but they use peanut oil (I'm allergic) which was bullshit. So we went to our old favourite, Shake shack. Oh yes. Minimal queues, even for a Friday evening. If you haven't been to Shake shack, you have to go... best burgers ever.

After that we mooched around Covent garden - spent too long in Sass & Belle. They have the best interior stuff, it's all so lovely. I also went into Burberry, and know that I need one of their eyeshadows now. I'm going to be really boring and get pale barley. 

Finally, we went and saw Ghost stories, a horror play near Covent garden. It was so good, really scary and jumpy. I love horror stuff, and don't get scared that often but the actors were all on top form, and really worked well together. I won't spoil the plot, but I thoroughly recommend going to see it asap - it ends mid August. 

Have you been up to anything nice lately? Or any recs for fun things to do in London? 

p.s. I'm off to a wedding today! Expect an OOTD soon :)


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