Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I very rarely do 'OOTDs', because my clothes are never that exciting. Yesterday felt particularly swishy though, which I felt called for photographic evidence that I don't always wear pyjamas. The sun was shining, I'd been at work all day and yet still seemed to be awake/in a good mood... big steps :)

A pretty basic outfit, with minimal accessorising because that's just typical lazy me. The comfiest black top and a skirt that whirled around when I walked. It has a plain layer underneath, so it's not so sheer you'll flash everyone, and then the light floaty fabric swirls around you, a bit like an octopus. Lovely. I absolutely love the pattern, it's like walking around in a painting. I got it from Primark about 4 years ago, but given that the midi floaty skirt is so popular at the moment, you'll be able to find something similar I reckon.

Makeup wise I rediscovered Chantecaille's just skin tinted moisturiser... this stuff is legit. I applied it at 7am, and these photos were taken at 7.30pm with no touchups.. impressive. That's after a day of sweating it out in London and on a hot train. Annnnd it's a tinted moisturiser, so my skin didn't get dry. Insane. The colour's too dark for me in winter, but my some sort of miracle my skin has got a little bit of colour. I used a bit of the Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer on any areas of high colour, and I was good to go. Amazed with this. Check it out!

Other makeup was standard stuff... the wet n wild shadows are nothing amazing. Lancome hypnose mascara is worth the hype. The lipstick is hot rose sinner from Lipstick queen, and is definitely worth a punt if you love matte lips. Not that you can see it (where you at, smellovision?), but the perfume is Jo Malone early grey & cucumber. So summery. Divine. 


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