Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hitting pan, once again.

There is just something so deliciously satisfying about hitting pan on a product. There you are, merrily slapping the product all over your face when you catch a little glimpse of silver. It is, essentially, a big sign saying 'I love this product'!

I have since realised that I have already documented that my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder has hit pan, so sorry about that... but I am working my way through it, slowly. Ditto for MAC all that glitters. 

Other exciting things that I have hit pan on include... the Soap & Glory One heck of a blot powder, which I like to throw into the depths of my bag. It has a mirror, which I enjoy, and the powder itself is nice and silky. It doesn't last all day, but I do find it doesn't cake so it's great for touching up throughout the day.

The Seventeen Phwoarr paint is a must-have for blemished skin. I am currently living through what seems like an endless hormonal breakout on my chin, and this concealer covers everything so, so well. I would not use it under the eyes, like it claims. Too heavy!

Lastly, the NARS Kalahari duo. The left shade is the one I use the most, and it is just the nicest bronze shade ever. It is really flattering on, and pretty fool-proof. I like to wash it on using a MAC 217 on top of Maybelline's on and on bronze colour tattoo. Bronze perfection. 

Have you 'hit pan' lately?


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