Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dinner at Smack Lobster

Brioche buns. Courgette fries. Lobster. Too much, I'm all over it. Last Friday was a veritable feast of delicious foods that I have to share. Chris and I rocked up Friday evening, and were surprised at how quiet it was - awesome for getting food fast. It's also right off Oxford Street (opposite Selfridges, which is my central navigation point) so it's easy to get to. Smack Lobster is the baby sister of the really popular Burger & Lobster chain - cheaper and a bit edgier. 

Chris and I both went for exactly the same thing - Mexicali burgers, courgette fries and lemonade.  Um, I can't even. The burger had a really squishy (technical term) brioche bun and was full of spicy mayo, lettuce, corn, peppers and lobster. It was really rich, and definitely not something I would eat all night, but delicious. The courgette fries were legit amazing - courgette fries are the new 'thing' in the glamorous world of fast food, and these were the best I've ever had. All crunchy and cheesy and just delicious. 

The burgers were £9, and the fries were £3.50ish, if I remember correctly. 

I'll definitely be going back for some more lobster action before too long :)


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