Friday, 5 December 2014

The definitive beauty gift guide

Beauty lovers, I am talking to you. People buying for people who love beauty, I am talking to you. I have been trawling through the internet for the last week rounding up the cream of the crop of beauty gifts to give this Christmas. All easily found online, you can get all your shopping sorted with a few clicks. 

Ok, so the fancy gifts. The oh-so fancy gifts. The ones where you really want to really treat the main lady in your life (I won't judge if it's for you). These are the ones that are the centre piece for any gift giving celebration, and are pretty much guaranteed to earn you 500 brownie points. 

The under £40 options - some really amazing picks that are more affordable, and still definitely have the beauty wow factor. I will gladly take all of these myself, thanks Santa. My best idea for a hardcore beauty junkie would to be get an Audacious lipstick (they're all inspired by infamous beauties), and then get a card of said beauty to match. Example - Brigitte Bardot inspired gift? And her music? Oh boy, I must get this for someone. 

Lastly, the adorable stocking stuffers - everything is £10 and under, and is sure to please even the most discerning beauty lover. I love the hanging stars, and the makeup bag - could fill it with makeup niblets and chocolate coins?


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