Saturday, 10 January 2015

New year, new bag?

I will gladly use any justification for a new bag. Yup, I'm not even sorry.

I obviously didn't need another bag, but a new bag has found its way into my life and who am I to stop it? I figured I should just embrace it. And then fill it with all the crap I like to carry around on a daily basis. Check out this post for an example of what I like to carry around, just incase. I got this bag because I saw it in TK MAXX (amazing) and just couldn't leave it. It's black leather, and it's Ralph Lauren. So fancy.

I love the little monograming on one side, and the pocket that can is the perfect size and position to put a teeny tiny mirror and my lipstick in it. It's not too big either, but big enough so that I can fit a book and my water bottle in - essentials.

*photo credit to Chris. Thank you!


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