Monday, 23 February 2015

Jo Malone Rock the Ages: Tudor Rose & Amber

When I heard that Jo Malone, my favourite perfume house, was creating a collection based around history... I was just too excited. In case you didn't know, I read Ancient History at University and I am also massively obsessed with the Tudors. Yeah, I have a favourite era. The new Rock the Ages collection has 5 different perfumes - each inspired by a different era. There's also Lily of the Valley & Ivy inspired by the Georgian period, Pomegranate Noir for the Victorians, Geranium & Verbena for Edwardians and Birch & Black pepper for today's age. My favourite is by far the Tudor Rose & Amber - it smells floral, obviously, but the cloves and amber also add a really warm spiciness to it. Delicious. I love warm scents, and the amber adds such a nice dimension to the rich floral. Too excited about it, I've been wearing it all weekend. The scent doesn't last all day - I find most Jo Malone perfumes need topping up every 3/4 hours. I normally just carry the bottle in my bag because the 30ml bottles are so dinky. 

Awesome packaging additions for this collection - each of the five scents has a different bottle cap, and the ribbon wrapped around the box matches the lid of your perfume. The box also comes with a stick-on wax seal with the JM initials - I love it. 

Which era sounds best to you? :)


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