Monday, 18 May 2015

Makeup Forever Launches in UK (tomorrow!) - details.

As I'm sure you're aware, Make Up For Ever is launching in the UK. It launches tomorrow (19th May), exclusively at Debenhams, and I have some details on what exactly we're getting. So excited! MUFE is a pretty big brand, and you've been able to buy it at Guru Makeup Emporium for a while, but now it's launching at Debenhams and Debenhams online it's going to be so much easier to get. 

It's been one of those brands you've been able to try if you were lucky enough to zip over to the states - I've had the HD foundation for a while, and is basically an amazing foundation for if you're having a lot of photos/videos or want a really flawless finish. The Pro Bronze fusion bronzer is a bronzer I can actually use - it's not too dark or too shimmery and manages to make skin look healthy. 

Make Up Forever Launches in the UK at Debenhams

What's launching?

Debenhams is going to carry over 60 (!) items. The really popular HD range, the Aqua collection, loads of brushes and lots more... I have listed some of the prices below, for reference. 

HD Foundation (£29.00) 
HD Concealer (£21.00) 
HD Pressed Powder (£25.00) 
HD Powder (£22.00) – Ultra fine finishing powder
HD Blush (£29.00) – Second skin cream blush
AQUA Rouge (£19.00) – Waterproof liquid lip colour
AQUA Lip (£13.00) – Waterproof lip liner pencil
AQUA Smoky Lash (£17.00) – Waterproof extra black mascara
AQUA Smoky Extravagant (£18.00) – Waterproof dramatic mascara
AQUA Eyes (£14.00) – Waterproof eyeliner penil
AQUA Liner (£16.00) – Waterproof liquid eyeliner
Aqua Cream (£17.00) – Waterproof cream colour
Aqua Matic (£16.00) – Waterproof cream eyeshadow 
Aqua Brow Kit (£31.00) – Waterproof eyebrow kit

Aqua Seal (£17.00) – Waterproof liquid converter 

What are you going to pick up? I have so much on my wishlist... the HD concealer, powder and blush as well as Aqua Smoky Lash for starters :)


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