Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Vichy Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil

Cleansers are really having a moment, aren't they? Well, they've always been something dutifully applied, but I really think they have sort of exploded and a lot of people are taking a lot of care with their cleansers. Following on from micellar water, which is awesome, Vichy has just launched a micellar oil. Colour me intrigued. SO intrigued that I bought this as soon as I saw it on the escentual website. I love micellar water, so I basically assumed that a micellar oil would be even better and would give me princess skin in one go.

A micellar cleansing oil is not different than a regular oil, basically. You smush it over dry skin, and massage it in and your makeup dissolves. Oils are so quick for taking your makeup off, and it just makes my evening easier. The Vichy oil is really slippery, and is easy to massage all into the skin. It has a spa-product kind of scent, which is fine but - I speak from experience - does not taste pleasant when you get it in your mouth. You have been warned. 

It just melts my makeup quickly, and leaves me to get on with other important evening things like watching adventure time and eating chocolate in bed. 

While I was chatting about my new skincare addition, I thought I'd briefly mention my current skincare routine. Skincare is not something that excites me that much to read, but something I find really useful. Let me know if you like skincare posts!


Cleanse with whatever I have lying around. This changes a lot. At the moment it's the Bee Good cream cleanser. 
2/3 drops of the Emma Hardie Brilliance face oil massaged in for about 2 minutes
Faff around making a cup of tea/doing my hair/flicking through instagram


Second cleanse with something, either Sarah Chapman or Oskia
Faff about

What are your favourite skincare bits?


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