Friday, 12 June 2015

Blues Kitchen, Camden

It's Friday. Fry-day. As in, the perfect time to share some delicious pictures from Blues kitchen. Chris and I went for dinner the other day and it was literally insane. Nestled in the heart of Camden, the Blues Kitchen has a really American vibe, and offers blues music and a general 'blues-y' vibe. So cool, far too cool for me. 

The food... We went for the hot wings because during post work drinks the week before they had given us free wings (I know) and the sauce was incredible. Absolutely incredible. So, the wings. Spicy and sour and delicious. Highly highly recommend these. You will literally lick your fingers, the sauce is that good. 

For mains we both went for 'The Facemelter' burger. Excellent name. The waitress warned me, and I scoffed at her attempt to put me off. She said a lot of people couldn't handle the spice. Bring it on, I said. I love spicy. I really do. I have hot sauce on my eggs in the morning, and can eat whole chillies without breaking a sweat. So believe me when I say that this burger. Was. Spicy. Actual tears ran down my face, and we resorted to sucking on ice chips. I feel like such a failure for even typing that. If you want an insane burger that will bring on the chilli sweats, this might be for you. Beef and brisket and chilli and cheese and chilli and a brioche bun smothered in chilli? 

Note on the fries - delicious and heavy with paprika, which is always welcomed in my book. The more the merrier. The onion rings were so fluffy.

We left Blues Kitchen with our lips tingling and our noses running, vowing to return and opt for a burger slightly less challenging. Delicious, yes. My face did actually melt off though, and the burger lived up to its name. 

Would you go? Do you like the sound of Blues Kitchen?

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