Monday, 8 June 2015

Clinique Melon Pop

Clinique makeup is having a moment, non? They seem to be really knocking it out of the park lately, and so many of their launches have been pretty lush. See my rave about the colour pop lipsticks here and here. Melon pop is my favourite from the new lipstick line, and then I saw that they released one of their adorable flower blushes in the same colour... sold.

Clinique melon pop blush and lipstick

Clinique melon pop blush and lipstick

Looking so angry and modelling the blush and lipstick

Clinique melon pop blush and lipstick

Both products have the same peachy tone, and go together so well. I'm not just blindly trying to match products together, but these are actually designed to partner each other perfectly. Neither are too pigmented or crazy... perfect if you want something peachy neutral (isn't that the dream?).

The lipstick lives in my handbag... it goes with literally any look and is perfect for wearing in the day. It's just a comfortable lipstick, and one that I use a lot. 

The blusher formula is a satin powder finish. It's not that pigmented, and I use a MAC 109 which is quite dense. It blends nicely and lasts nicely and maybe the fact that isn't pigmented is ideal because I never look insane when I wear it. I can see why these blushes are so popular, because they're so sweet and offer a really pretty finish that doesn't require much effort. 

Have you tried either of the new Clinique launches?


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