Monday, 3 August 2015

23 thoughts I have every Monday morning.

Oh no. No no no no I'm not ready.

Maybe it's an awful nightmare and it's actually Saturday.

Oh no, it's definitely Monday. Can I snooze the whole day?

Does my snooze button have a limit?

Oh my hair is so greasy. Maybe I should just buy shares in dry shampoo.

Oh my eyes are so tired. My soul is weary of the world.

Must stop looking on Instagram and get out of bed.

Hmm, I am quite hungry. Breakfast time.

Healthy breakfasts. Yes, porridge and green tea and morning yoga! This week is going to be so healthy.

How did this biscuit get in my mouth?

Ok, shower time. Uh, so cold.

Ow too hot. Why is life so cruel.

Oh good, I've cut my leg shaving and now I'm bleeding to death.

Must cleanse face and have perfect skin.

Oh look, another spot. I look awful. Maybe if I use all the moisturiser, my skin will look OK?

Now I need to lie down on the bed and wait for my skin to be *ready* for the day.

Ooh, let's watch makeup tutorials and do fancy makeup today.

Ah, I have 15 minutes. Better use the makeup gun.


Why is my whole wardrobe terrible. Why don't I iron things in advance? Next week I will, I promise.

I guess I'll go for a black top and a black skirt and a black mood.

Time for my morning espresso.

Annnnnd I'm late. There's toothpaste on my top. Sigh.

Let's do this, Monday.


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