Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mascara Musings: NARS Audacious.

Any new releases from NARS get instantly on my radar and then pretty much get bought straight away. I'm brand loyal, see.

The new NARS Audacious mascara claims to be a revolutionary formula that you're able to layer endlessly for a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

This is a mascara that would be amazing for lengthening, and doesn't look too dramatic or too clumpy or too anything. I do agree that it's very good for layering, and you can pretty much keep building it up without it looking too clumpy or too much.

The brush is absolutely huge, and every time I've used it I've managed to get it on my nose which I'm not even sure how? I'm just so clumsy, obviously. The wand is huge though, and it isn't the easiest to use on the lashes. It has so many little fibres on the wand.

Overall, I am a bit underwhelmed with this mascara... as someone who wholeheartedly loves NARS, I am disappointed in this big mascara launch, because I really don't think it's anything special. It's been heavily promoted, and they're really pushing this whole audacious thing, but this mascara is definitely not audacious... it's nice, and fluttery lashes are always good in my book, but it's not especially bold or daring.


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