Monday, 26 October 2015

Liquid lipstick loving.

I'm sure you know by now that lipsticks are my jam. 

They're just the best, and you know I'm right. 

I also mainly go for matte and bold lipsticks - the matter the better, right? If you want a lip product that lasts and is saturated in colour... liquid lipsticks are the one. 

The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are my favourite of the bunch. They're so bright and the colours I have (Mother, Lovesick and Outlaw) are all so nice to wear. They look shiny and glossy when you first slick them on, but then they dry down pretty quickly and then don't budge. They have a seriously impressive longevity on the lips and are basically amazing and I need them all. 

The mattest of the mattes are the Hourglass opaque rouges - These need lips to be sans-balm when you apply them and then once they're on they literally don't budge. These do feel dry on the lips though, and need you to use one coat. 

The ones that smell the dreamiest... like vanilla cakes. The NYX soft matte lip creams - I need more. They feel so silky on the lips but leave behind the prettiest matte stain. They're only £5.50 as well... I think NYX is now available in Selfridges and Boots, as well as Feel Unique? I sense a haul incoming. 

Last but not least are the Sephora lip creams. The smudgiest of the three different formulas, but one that feels the most comfortable on the lips. It's nice and creamy when you first apply it, and then it does dry down to a long-lasting stain. I have the shade blackberry sorbet. 

Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks?


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